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Restaurant and Bar

Our restaurant and deck are on the water’s edge and overlooks the famous Tofo Bay swimming beach. Our restaurant serves anything from mouth-watering, yet simple meals such as hamburgers and pasta to the more extravagant and delectable seafood platters. We try to offer as many fresh seafood dishes as possible, however this does sometimes depend on what our fishermen manage to catch on the day. Our local chefs also prepare famous local dishes such as peri-peri chicken, prawns and many other that are not to be missed!

The lodge bar is a friendly, laid-back venue where you can either relax or partake in the story-telling of unbelievable diving and fishing adventures. We also have satellite television if you wish to catch up with the rest of the world, from the comfort of paradise. The bar is well stocked with international, local and South African beverages and is open from 7.30 am until 11 pm. 

Snorkeling & Diving

We provide our guests with an unforgettable diving experience. As founders of diving in Tofo, our extensive knowledge ensures that our visitors experience diving on a whole new level. Unlike the larger, more commercial dive operators, we focus on smaller groups, ensuring a much more personal experience.

Divers come to Tofo to dive with the manta rays and snorkel with the enormous whale sharks that visit our beautiful coastline.It is thus no surprise that, Tofo Beach and Casa Barry Lodge has been scientifically proven to be the Manta Ray and Whale Shark Capital of the World.

The reefs teem with other sea creatures, including a large assortment of fish species, octopuses, eels, rays, turtles and much, much more.

If you prefer snorkelling to diving, be sure to join us on a two hour ocean safari, which is offered all year round but especially enjoyed during the summer months of October to April. You will get to snorkel with whale sharks, manta rays, dolphins, turtles and humpback whales to name but a few of these exciting ocean inhabitants of Tofo.

If you’re not a qualified diver, have been inactive for a while or want to step it up to the next level then why not complete one (or more) of our dive courses? What better place to learn something new about diving than right here in Tofo with skilled instructors! Safety remains our main concern and we refuse to take any shortcuts. 

Tofo is one of the best places on earth to dive with giant manta rays and swim with gentle whale sharks. We believe that Tofo is the only place in the world, where both species are present all year round. Humpback whales visit us every year between July and the end of September so if you are looking to dive with these magnificent creatures, or prefer a gentle cruise to enjoy their beauty, then this is the time to be in Tofo! 


The seas around Tofo are renowned for the outstanding fishing that is enjoyed by many all year round. The first 1000lb marlin caught off the African coast was caught right here in Tofo waters! Because of the very steep drop off, caused by the Mozambique current coming very close to the land, a huge array of different game fish and an abundance of bill fish are located very close to the shore.

The fish that frequent our shores are the king mackerel, queen mackerel, giant king fish, dorado,  wahoo, yellow fin tuna, bonito, amberjack, sail fish, striped marlin and blue- and black marlin – to name but a few!

The rock and surf fishing in and around Tofo is exceptional as the area is blessed with wonderful ledges, sandy beaches and the famous cliffs of Tofinho (Goat Hill), all providing a spot for everyone to fish from - whether it is doing drop-shot style fishing or hunting for the big giant king fish.

If you enjoy fishing, Tofo will certainly excite you. 

Estuary Tours

Come and explore the magic of the famous Inhambane estuary.

This four-hour tour will take you in and between the various sand islands where you can spend time seeking out the lovely pansy shells and various sea critters that call these sandy banks home. The estuary is full of mangrove forests which act as a large breeding ground for many different species of fish and marine life, so you will be treated to a lot to see. Some of the more exotic species we have been blessed to see were humpback dolphins, sea mice, sea hares and sea cucumbers. Seeing one of these exotic marine animals makes a trip even more spectacular and we urge all our visitors to partake in this activity.Snorkelling is of course a must, where you will be able to see beautiful star fish and sea horses submerged under the crystal blue water.

If you don’t enjoy swimming in the sea, you can see just as much on the sand islands that we visit. You are guaranteed to pick up some pretty pansy shells and many other interesting ocean treasures that get washed up on these magical sand islands. Our visitors on this tour were between the ages of three and 86 so there is definitely something for everyone!

The tour includes basic refreshments, but why not make an island picnic out of it? We can pack you a scrumptious picnic basket comprising of delectable sandwiches and a bottle of wine to enjoy on your ocean adventure.

We are able to accommodate six people on a boat, with the option of using a rubber duck dive boat, in which case we can take up to ten people per boat. We have five different boats to choose from so if you have a very large group we will be able to accommodate all of you. 

Wedding Facilities

Beach weddings are the buzz at the moment, but a beach wedding in Mozambique - now that is very unique! We have so much to offer – come take a look!

Why not ditch the big poofy dress for an elegant beach wedding dress? Swop the tiffany chairs for the earthy, warm wooden décor on our deck. Say no to boring cream walls and stale draping and yes to a magnificent view of Tofo Bay. If you desire a unique wedding experience for you and your guests, then you have come to the right place!

Say your sacred vows on the lovely Tofo beach with up to one hundred of your closest family and friends, where after you can celebrate the night away on our large wooden deck. We offer amazing catering to suit every taste – whether you prefer a seafood buffet or something hearty, we can serve anything up decadence and creativity.

Make Casa Barry your own and set your imagination free. Let nature be your décor. You can use local leaves and small flowers – even coconut palm leaves to set the tone of your tropical wedding. Your creativity combined with our expertise will ensure your wedding vision is met and exceeded.

Need a minister? No problem – we can arrange a local Mozambique minister to perform your ceremony, although kindly note that this will not be legally binding and you will have to arrange for a legal marriage either prior to or after your beach wedding. If you wish, we can also arrange for the local choir from the school to sing at your wedding service.

We are extremely flexible with our wedding packages and are here to help. Please do not hesitate to contact the booking office for more information.

Until you say “I do”,

The Casa Barry Team

Other Activities

Whether you come to dive among our manta rays and whale sharks, marvel at the picturesque sight of Tofo bay from our restaurant deck, or soak up the warm Mozambique sun on our powdery beaches, Tofo will impress as being just about as close to heaven as is possible to find on earth.

Apart from the more obvious reasons for visiting Tofo, as outlined in detail above, you can also enjoy some of the following activities nearby:

  • Bird Watching
  • Horse Riding
  • Paddling - Canoeing
  • Paddling - Sea Kayaking
  • Surfing
  • Yachting
  • Walking
  • Whale Watching
  • Ocean Safaris
  • Mangrove Walks 
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